Workout: Back & Biceps

My FAVORITE way to start BACK DAY is with PULL-UPS! 

A goal I hear often from clients is, “I want to be strong enough to do a pull-up!” 

If you can’t do one today, how do you get there? NEGATIVE PULL-UPS! 

Using a box step, bench or chair, make yourself even to the top of the pull-up bar. Hold your body weight at the top for as long as possible, and then lower yourself down as slow as possible. 

I like to do a combination of negative’s, chin-ups and pull-ups, and super-set them with curl bar bicep curls! 

Try this combo on your next back/bicep day!

1- Negative Pull-Ups

2- Chin-Ups

3- Pull-Ups

4- Curl Bar Bicep Curls