Workouts: Battle Ropes

There’s the F word… the S word… the H word… the A word… and at the very beginning of my weight loss journey… when I weighed 245 pounds… the VERY WORST SWEAR of them all… was THE C WORD. Yep. CARDIO.

I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE RUNNING. Like… HATE it. Like… would rather clean toilets than go for a run. You know how people talk about getting a “runner’s high” after a long distance excursion? Yeah… that’s never happened to me.

You will never find me on a treadmill or elliptical machine… and if you ever see me running along the side of the road, you better run, too because something is chasing me.

Now… before you click UNFOLLOW and list all of the reasons I should take up running in the comments… I want to make myself crystal clear… If YOU love to run - I think that is AWESOME! TOTALLY AMAZING! And I’m THRILLED that you have found a form of exercise you enjoy and look forward to each day! Because THAT, my friends, is the key to long-term success.

With that being said… I knew I needed to implement SOME form of cardio in addition to strength training to maximize my results. And in order to be consistent, I needed to find something I ENJOYED!

Enter… the BATTLE ROPES! I freaking LOOOOOVE these things. They increase my heart rate, give me a great shoulder burn and there are a million variations to try. Here are a few of my favorites!

1 Singles

2 Doubles

3 Outward Circles

4 Jumping Jacks

5 Double/Burpee