You’ve been eating healthy ALL WEEK! 


1️⃣Planned out your meals and snacks

2️⃣Went grocery shopping

3️⃣Prepped your food and measured it out into matching containers in your fridge

4️⃣Carried your meals to work with you in your little cooler and avoided the cafeteria, candy dishes and team breakfast donuts and pastries ALL WEEK

And now it’s Friday… 

😩You’re stressed

😴You’re exhausted

😡Your kids are fighting

😤You’re snapping at your partner for not taking out the trash like you asked them to

😋You’re all starving

😭And the fridge is EMPTY



So what do you do? You choose the path of least resistance and you GO OUT TO EAT.

You may have the best of intentions going in… your plan is to pick the healthiest option on the menu, substitute the fries for steamed veggies or a salad, and order a tall glass of water with a lemon wedge. 

Then the host seats you and you smell all the smells and see all the appetizers and entrees being delivered to the surrounding tables. 

Your kids order grilled cheese sandwiches, fries, mac & cheese and corn dogs off the children’s menu… and your partner orders the Monster Burger, which stands 7 inches tall on the plate with a side of fried onion rings and a craft beer.

Feeling left out, you decide, “SCREW IT!” I worked my BUTT off all week, and I DESERVE a cheat meal!” and you ask the server to scratch the grilled chicken breast and broccoli, point at your partner who is sitting across the table and say, “I’ll have what he/she is having.”


How did you FEEL after this incident? Guilty? Ashamed? Like a failure? And what happened the next day? Did you get back on track or did you allow this to derail you from your goals all weekend - or even worse, for the entire week or even MONTH? 

So often, we let our THOUGHTS & EMOTIONS dictate our ACTIONS and WE USE FOOD as a coping mechanism in an attempt to ease our STRESS, EXHAUSTION, ANXIETY, BAD MOOD, LONELINESS, etc. But ultimately, we usually end up feeling even WORSE after choosing to eat an unhealthy meal. Not only did it not ease your stress, exhaustion, anxiety, bad mood, loneliness… but you blew your clean streak of healthy eating AND you felt bloated and had a stomach ache after gorging on fried foods, booze and a burger that was large enough to feed your entire family of four.

Here are my TOP 7 TIPS for EATING HEALTHY When You’re EATING OUT: 

1️⃣Eat before you go: never go out on an empty stomach. Eat a healthy snack or mini meal including a lean protein and vegetable beforehand.

2️⃣Choose a restaurant with healthy options and decide ahead of time what you will order: if you check out the menu when you’re NOT starving and smelling all the yummy smells and seeing all the yummy plates, it will be easier to stick to the plan. 

3️⃣Customize your order: When I go out, I ask the server to swap out hash browns, breakfast potatoes and toast for a side salad or extra fruit and veggies. Most restaurants are good about tailoring orders to meet their customer’s dietary restrictions and needs.

4️⃣Share A Meal or Portion Out Your Meal in A To-Go Box: Most restaurants serve meals that are large enough for 2-4 servings. You can do better by watching your portion sizes and eating less! I ask for a to-go box when my food arrives and only leave what I am actually going to eat on my plate so I’m not tempted to stuff myself or clean my whole plate. 

5️⃣Put your fork down in between bites: This will help you eat slower and mindfully, allowing you to recognize when you are full before you are stuffed.

6️⃣Eat a mint when you are done! This will prevent you from picking at your plate after you are full. French fries & ketchup and peppermint do not mix well!  

7️⃣Do not skip meals earlier in the day because you are planning to splurge later: This will only leave you hungrier and you will consume more unhealthy calories than you would have, had you eaten normally earlier in the day!


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